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What Is Neuralink: A Look At What It Is, What It Wants to Be, and What It Could Become – Kenny L.

When I first took science class in elementary school, we learned about the five senses. Maybe not far into the future, that information might be as outdated as the idea of nine planets in our solar system (sorry, Pluto). This might be thanks to Neuralink, a...

‘It will change everything’: DeepMind’s AI makes gigantic leap in solving protein structures

Nature | Nov 2021 Google’s deep-learning program for determining the 3D shapes of proteins stands to transform biology, say scientists. An artificial intelligence (AI) network developed by Google AI offshoot DeepMind has made a gargantuan leap in solving one of...

A.I. Versus M.D.

  What happens when diagnosis is automated? | By Siddhartha Mukherjee | The New York Times | March 27, 2017   In some trials, "deep learning" systems have outperformed human experts. One evening last November, a fifty-four-year-old woman from the Bronx...

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: A series by MedTech UCL –

Explore different uses of deep learning in a series of interactive tutorials.

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